Thursday, 12 March 2009

Magic Loop Socks

I hate DPN's. I'm sure that one day I'm going to poke my eye out! Browsing through Ravelry I came across the magic loop method of knitting socks (and other tubular items). My first attempt was not good. I used a 32"/80cm needle but it kept on twisting and was very awkward. Reading other people's comments the choice of needle brand seems to have a difference. So I ordered a 32"/80cm Addi 2.5mm needle and it's great! I now love the magic loop method.

The Addi needle is so much better to use, the stitches slip onto the needle very easily and it doesn't all get twisted up. Another reason I like the Addi needles is that they have the size printed on the cable - so no more putting them down and having to work out which size they are.

A very good tutorial on how to do the magic loop method can be found at

So yet another project started is the Ribbed Lace socks for myself (from the Sensational Socks book) in a very bright Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino (sugar maple). I've also started the Wicked sweater. I'm using the Cascade 220 pumpkin spice colour that was meant for the Snow White project (which i've now frogged due to sizing issues). I may restart the Wicked sweater and include short-row bust adjustments as the 35-39" size should fit my back but I'm having to make a 40-43" to fit my bust. I've ordered the Big Girl Knits book which apparently has a good section on how to work out how many short-row sets to do depending on size and gauge - I'll write a longer review once it's arrived.

Keep knitting!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Projects a-go-go!

Well, I've scooted through several projects since the end of November - a pair of bright red socks for me, the Cobblestone pullover for Simon plus a hat from the same designer in the leftover wool, endpaper mitts in two shades of green and the February Lady Sweater in a mallard blue (a blue and purple yarn). If you're a member on ravelry then more pictures are up on my account.

The February Lady Sweater is lovely. I treated myself to some nice buttons which set it off a treat. I really do like the Cascade 220 yarns - this was my second project (the first being the Cobblestone pullover). I've ordered some more, in a pumpkin spice colour, to make the Snow White sweater which should be arriving any day. My ribbing often goes a bit 'funky' so i'm going to try the method in which the stitches are knitted (or purled) through the other side of the stitch. I've done a small sample and it has evened out my ribbing quite nicely although my tension has changed (now a bit tighter).

I've also ordered some Rowan Kidsilk Night in dazzle red to make a laceweight seascape shawl for my cousin's wedding in July - hopefully I'll be able to find an outfit that matches!