Sunday, 8 February 2009

Projects a-go-go!

Well, I've scooted through several projects since the end of November - a pair of bright red socks for me, the Cobblestone pullover for Simon plus a hat from the same designer in the leftover wool, endpaper mitts in two shades of green and the February Lady Sweater in a mallard blue (a blue and purple yarn). If you're a member on ravelry then more pictures are up on my account.

The February Lady Sweater is lovely. I treated myself to some nice buttons which set it off a treat. I really do like the Cascade 220 yarns - this was my second project (the first being the Cobblestone pullover). I've ordered some more, in a pumpkin spice colour, to make the Snow White sweater which should be arriving any day. My ribbing often goes a bit 'funky' so i'm going to try the method in which the stitches are knitted (or purled) through the other side of the stitch. I've done a small sample and it has evened out my ribbing quite nicely although my tension has changed (now a bit tighter).

I've also ordered some Rowan Kidsilk Night in dazzle red to make a laceweight seascape shawl for my cousin's wedding in July - hopefully I'll be able to find an outfit that matches!


Jen said...

Really lovely projects !

Jen said...

Lovely projects ! :)