Sunday, 30 November 2008

Ravelry Rocks!

Blimey Ravelry is addictive! If anyone is struggling to find a new project I'd recommend you become part of the Ravelry rabble. I now have so many projects I want to knit. The free patterns are great and I've had so many nice helpful comments.

The Cobblestone Pullover has been started and I'm loving the Cascade yarn. It sits so well and feels good. The only problem I've encountered so far has been trying to cast on 230 stitches onto a circular needle without getting them twisted. I finally got it sussed after the fourth cast-on attempt! Pics will appear soon.

Has anyone got any tips on how to knit with skeins? The Cascade yarn is in 220 yard skeins and is getting twisted. I've unravelled a couple of the skeins and rewound them into balls but this is quite time consuming. So all tips are appreciated.

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