Saturday, 1 November 2008

Central Park Hoodie

In need of a new project I decided rather than spend hours in a little old wool shop, leafing my way through masses of folders in search of that one pattern that was designed for someone under 60 year old, I turned to the internet and discovered the angel yarns forum. Why hadn’t I done this before? It hadn’t even crossed my mind that patterns would be available online, let alone people doing knit-a-longs (KALs) and blogging! Welcome to 2008 Paula.

One of the popular KALs was the central park hoodie, from an American knitting magazine and the pattern was available to download. This is what I’d been looking for – something a bit funkier. The next problem was to find a yarn that could be adapted for the pattern. I’ve never been that adventurous with my knitting – usually knitting the sizes and lengths given to the yarn specified. I eventually settled on Debbie Bliss Donegal Aran Tweed in pillar box red.

It didn’t take long to make, only three or four months (that’s quick for me). I decided to knit the 40” chest and without trying on the finished article it seems to be the right size for me.

My downfall is my sewing up. I’m not a fan of sewing and I get impatient, so usually end up making a hash of it and spoiling the item. As a result I’ve only partially sewn up the hoodie, just the second sleeve to put in, that side to sew up and the buttons to place.

The picture above is of the back section. Due to the wool being bobbly some of the rib section looks a little odd but when the garment is stretched out it's less obvious. I’ll post some more pictures when it’s all sewn up.


Darkest Knits said...

Hiya! Welcome to the blogging world! The CPH is a great cardy - look forward to seeing it when its all sewn up!

Whimsical Wendy said...

I know exactly what you mean about sewing up and making a hash of it!
My friend Tina sent me this link by the way...welcome to the world of blogging ;-)