Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Three projects finished and being worn!

Blimey. In the last couple of weeks i've really had a push and i've finished three projects! Yay.

The Central Park Hoodie had been staring at me for months so i finally stopped feeling guilty and got the thing sewn up. I used mattress stitch to insert the first sleeve and sew the side...but that was months ago and it took sooooo long to do. So, i decided to use the over seam method. I know it's not recommended by some books but it's come out quite nicely. Unfortunatley i didn't sew the buttons on well enough so two have already come off but they'll be put back on soon.

So armed with my sewing knowledge and a bundle of enthusiasm I finished the Sirdar 8777 pattern. I increased the body length by an inch (i'm a bit taller than the average female) but this meant that i was running very short of wool to knit the collar so i only knitted it for 1 & 1/4 inches. I just had enough wool left to sew up the shoulders in the original colour and scavenged some bottle green DK remanents from my partner's mum. Again, when looking at the side seams, unless you look closely you can't tell it's a very slightly different colour but i'm pleased with the sewing.

And finally, i've finished my first ever pair of socks! They are knitted to a standard Regia 4 ply pattern (the freebie pattern they give out) on 2.5mm needles. My partner has size 11 UK feet so it took quite a while to get them finished but he seems to like them. One problem i did have is shown in the photo. When decreasing i followed the pattern and decreased on the last stitch. When the socks are being worn they have huge holes in them due to the stitches being stretched. I'm wondering if i should decrease using the 2nd/3rd to last stitches as is shown in other patterns - any advice would be appreciated as the holes don't look very attractive.

Next up - Cobblestone Pullover from Interweave using the Cascade 220 heathers yarn in olive heather for my partner.....just waiting for the wool to arrive.

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Anonymous said...

Well done,they are all lovely.