Tuesday, 25 September 2012

What? A new post?

It's been a few years but I thought I'd resurrect this blog. So what's happened in the since I last posted on here? I've knitted.... a lot, and spent far too much time increasing the size of my queue on Ravelry, acquired a vast number of WIPs, got an allotment, taken up bee-keeping, started playing indoor bowls and become an aunt for the first time.

The other day a friend commented about the size of my WIP list - I think it hit home just how large it is, even though the OH had been trying to tell me this for months. What can I say? I have startitis.

In an attempt to make the pile of project bags shrink I joined the '7 WIPs in 7 Days' group on Ravelry. I have good intentions, I've made my list. I've gained some enthusiasm for some of my hibernating projects and they have moved on again. A couple haven't been touched yet as I have been out during those evenings so far.

My list consists of:
  • Monday: Perianth Blanket
  • Tuesday: Stasis Cardi
  • Wednesday: Nuvem
  • Thursday: Grey Cardi
  • Friday: Rams and Yowes Blanket
  • Saturday: Garden Gate Socks
  • Sunday: Rams and Yowes Blanket (again)
This list is my ‘evening’ knitting. During my commute to work I’ll be working on a small project from this list - at the moment the Garden Gate Socks - or a sleeve etc, something a bit more portable.

Although I've realised that I've selected too many large items for my first list, I need more smaller items to get the list of WIPs smaller. I may need to revise it.

Even with all these good intentions I've decided to cast on (yet) another project - the Starsky Cardigan. My reasoning is that the weather here has taken a real turn towards Autumn this week and I'd love a large snuggly cardigan. I've ordered some Cascade Eco+ in the turtle colour and can't wait to get started. It's chunky weight wool and on big needles, it should be finished soon right? Please agree with me. Then I promise my 7WI7D list will get right back on track.

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